alf is a red thread of demanding craftsmanship and symbolized by another red thread handmade on each pair as a guarantee of its french quality and uniqueness

far from eccentricities and faithful to its desire for timelessness, the alf brand is inspired by the first "pretty glasses", sober and refined, those who, from the 1920s onwards, made eyewear a style accessory in its own right. The work of acetate in half-rim brings softness, voluptuousness, and takes all its meaning in the light.

the materials used: japanese acetate, anti-reflective photochromic mineral lenses, genuine leather for the cord and the case, ensure the durability that will allow this delicate object to follow you through fashion and time.

alf is the story of two brothers who wanted to put their expertise and knowledge in optics to good use in order to offer impeccable quality, already recognized by demanding opticians: optimal comfort and simple elegance at all times.